How to promote your business in the most cost efficient way?


How to promote your business in the most cost efficient way?

In order to survive and grow, your brand needs customers and for to get customers or traffic you need to promote your application or business. In old days’ tools used for to promote a business a flyer, a brochure, a postcard, or an ad in the local newspaper. But in this digital world possibilities are endless and you have a lot of opportunities for to grow and promote your business. If you are struggling to promote/market your business, then you find here five best effective ways to promote your business in a very cost effective ways, there are different routes for to spread business:

  • Search engines (Google Search and Maps).
  • Social media channels (including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest etc ).
  • Online directory (there’s more to them than you may think!)
  • Your local community (events, sponsorships, and press)
  • Promote your business through google:

You can promote your business through google in the most cost-efficient way. Capturing 90% market share through google. Here, you can promote your business by following different methods;

promote your business in the most cost efficient way

Google business profile: You can create your google business profile first then verify this. By this account, one can find you through google map and in browser search results. As Google gets better and better at catering its results to the searcher’s location, this free listing should be a top priority.

  • Through website:

Every business needs a website. A website is a place where you can show your products/services to customers. Even if they find you on social media or Google, they will want to go to your website and, like your Google listing, it serves to promote your business around the clock. Websites tell the story of your business and what you are offering. This is also a very economical method for to market your business.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO):

SEO is a set of words or items that have the most search volume and are searched most through a browser by google. By implementing SEO, you can promote and ranked your business easily. SEO isn’t just one tactic, but many tactics that collectively work together to improve your rank. SEO tactics to promote your business include:

  • Add relevant keywords to specific places.
  • Producing original and high-quality content regularly with the best captions.
  • Maintaining high traffic and security.


  • Run Google ads:

Google ads are also economical and to get traffic fast method. When you are done with google ads then your website pages showing at the top of the search list and have maximum chances to click. Google is the most popular due to its high level of flexibility, ad-building features, and detailed performance analytics.

  • How to promote through social media:

Social media is also another way to get traffic free of cost or in the most economical prices. The most popular business accounts are;

  • Priorities Facebook
  • Connect and contribute LinkedIn
  • Share on Twitter
  • Engage your audience on Instagram
  • Upload videos on YouTube

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